Introducing the latest member of the team @Wizardimagery

This weekend we took our Aerial work to the next level...

The Inspire 2 with dual control providing superior aerial image capture. Piloted by Calvin with Danny on camera controls, the possibilities for aerial filming are endless.  

With new capabilities we are able to offer full HD 4K resolution and fly with additional safety features such as dual battery redundancy.

From panning scenic shots to high speed cinematic compositions, the DJI Inspire 2 is more than capable with unrivaled precise stability and lightening acceleration. It's one inch sensor provides crystal clear images and sharp crisp video.

Wizard Imagery takes to the skies

With 15 years experience flying radio controlled aircraft, Wizard Imagery felt it was time to incorporate drones into our commercial operations offering a new aerial perspective. Early in 2016, after purchasing the necessary equipment for our drones and perfecting the camera and lighting controls, we enrolled with Commercial Drone Training (CDT). Acquiring our CAA Permission to Operate Commercial Drones has not only allowed us to offer enhanced creative photography, but also to further diversify and complete more service related projects.

An insight into the journey so far...

Vintage Photos Need Rescuing? Photo Restoration Services in Manchester, At Your Disposal

Families often have a cherished collection of analog photographs that in most likelihood are ripped, faded or creased because they date back decades. There is nothing quite like the feeling that one experiences when stumbling upon a bunch of such photographs. Emotions pour-in with the mind swept away with mixed feelings of sadness, laughter and nostalgia. Any attempt to spruce them up on your own may backfire that might ruin those precious memories forever.

Photo restoration services are thereby best left to the expertise and knowledge of a professional digital artist, as they have developed techniques to disguise scratches, and repair damages that include tears, rips and folds. Photo restoration should never be attempted by amateurs as it ruins the originals permanently and because access to negatives is implausible, producing them again is virtually out of question. For the reason photos are among some of man’s dearest possessions, leaving them in untrained hands doesn’t sound sane.

On the face of it, vintage photos traditionally do not come with copies; which means, if any damage is caused to them, you can’t really undo what's done to get back the original print. Photo restoration service providers, however, have the ability and the equipment to analyze the photo from all corners and only if they are sure that it is repairable, they ask you for a go-ahead. These companies deploy well-trained and skilled professionals that know their way around restoring vintage photos and leave no stone unturned to make sure you get the best quality finish.

While the internet is flooded with photo restoration service providers, only a handful of them are worthy that promise effective results within a quick turnaround time. Wizard Imagery is one such provider of photo restoration services in Manchester that has carved a niche in the industry with its high quality photo preservation services and seamless delivery process. For more details on their services, visit