Wizard Drone Imagery

At Wizard Imagery we have transferred our professional photography to the skies with the introduction of two CAA approved commercial drone pilots. The scope of aerial work provides the ability to capture new or existing subjects from an entirely new perspective.

Operating with two drones affords us the option to capture moments from two angles simultaneously and is often employed for live events. We are also CAA approved to operate at night and fly up to an altitude of 400ft and distance of 500m.

Popular services for drones include:

Aerial Home Portraits

Moving house! Present your home in all its splendor. Real estate packages available capturing properties or developments from above.

Corporate Video & Imagery

Use impressive aerial shots of your business on your website and social media. Display your products from a new perspective.

Promotional Videos

Whether it's marketing your business itself or covering an event, promotional videos using drones provide a uniquely stunning viewpoint. 

Roof Surveys & Inspections

Dramatically reduce inspection expenses removing the cost of scaffolds and labour. Monitor construction progress or survey development sites.

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Due to the nature of aerial work and the preparation and commitment required by both parties, we require 35% of your booking to be paid in advance. In the event of having to postpone a shoot due to poor weather conditions(i.e. strong winds, rain etc) we shall offer you first refusal on the next suitable day.


We Fly Safe - Fully Qualified CAA Approved Pilots -  Commercially Insured  

For further details and quotations
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